Men are dogs, dogs are men

Bowing down to time, money, status, trends

Lie down and worship the screen

Spend your idle time waiting, forever amen.

The wolves, they howl till 12

The sirens, they beckon, someone’s dead

We all cry wolf as we dress as sheep

Pretending to be innocent, pure, humble, meek

Acting like wearing all black makes you unique,

Wear you waterproof mascara as you cry in the street.

And maybe one day we’ll all be friends this time

Making authentic connections, having tearful goodbyes

Looking at each other without filters eye to eye.

Until then we’ll be cool, classy, trendy, sheek

We’ll be bold, honest, smart – behind a screen

We’ll rely on blow, molly, methamphetamine.

And when the drugs stop working, we’ll just cry

And when the tears stop flowing, we’ll just die

Our so called friends will act surprised

Only there when you’re dead, never when you’re alive.

But at least there’s one thing in this life

That will keep you safe and warm at night…


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