I have a joint, let’s go to my room

This music is lame, this party is doomed.

I see you glancing at the tan blonde

She’s put together – matching bra and thong.

I’m saying weird things and my face is strained

As I try to remember that one actor’s name,

From that movie you said you loved as a kid

The one you watched after you found the lid,

To the prescription bottle lying on the floor

Next to your unconcious dad who wanted so much more.

And you ran out to the woods and into the rain

And you screamed at the sky, cursing your pain.

You said you’d never count on anyone again

You said you’d never let anyone else in.

That blonde, she can make you feel really good

She can make you forget that day in the woods.

If only for a moment, if only for a night

She’ll make you moan and she’ll make you sigh.

But I’ve been where you’ve been, and I’ve felt what you’ve felt

I’ve screamed at the sky, I’ve watched my world melt.

I have a joint, let’s go to my room

Emilio Estevez – I love the Outsiders too.


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