Tuesday Night

I wish that my mind and my body were intertwined to such a juxtaposition as to intensify and rectify the soul within my personage. I wish that my words and my state of being were linked in a way that simplified matters instead of complication that is indeed concrete notions and philosophies. We spoke of desire, a desire that goes beyond physicality and into the cosmic metaphors within the soul. And as I listened I pondered to my deepest tranquility. I wish my desires were obedient like a dog or a young child. I wish that a person of higher intellectual capacity could order me about and force me to live in my own existent anatomy. I wish that what I felt was felt by many, and that what you feel would be felt by me. I wish that love was never denied, only equally reciprocated, and that I could embrace pain into my heart so that I can experience other intrinsic emotions.

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