Note to Self

Through the vessel from point A guiding you to point B, the vessel from point B guiding you to point C, and the vessel from point C guiding you to the centre it’s presumed that you are now able to regain point A through the centre, therefore completing the cycle. Obtaining the centre is additionally essential to your success in waking from this lucid state that you’ve been imprisoned in for the past two years. In the continuation of the cycle without such centre you will continue going through points A, B, and C without any substantiated rhyme or reason. You will possibly even go as far as inventing a point D or E which will throw you even further off course. Without the centre, the destination is meaningless. Stop seeking external points throughout this medium and channel your focus on this centre, making sure that you do not perceive what appears to be clear for fuzz and what you perceive to be false as truth-holding. Without the centre you will possess misguided rage. Although you cannot entirely be held accountable, with reasonable accommodation, save this hostility for those who deserve it. Do not be brash with the ones you love. Save this for buffoons such as the individual you share your living quarters with.

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